Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project Runway

No tatting this time.
1. It is not snowing here for a change and the sun was out all day. We even made it to 40 a major heat wave for us.

2. My granddaughter Megan Davis is going to be on the Project Runway and Models of the Runway tomorrow night at 9 on lifetime. She also made the Des Moines paper in the Iowa Life sec. So I know what I will be doing on Thursday nights for the next 12 weeks. I will tat while I watch it. That is about all the news here.


  1. How Exciting! Congrats to Megan! Too bad I don't have TV right now, but you be sure and fill us all in, okay??

  2. I love project runway!! Complete addict, I will took for her

  3. I love Project Runway and will watch for her. How exciting to be on such a well-known show. She'll have a blast.

  4. Thanks- I hope you will see her. I know she will love being on it. I did watch last night. Checked out the site today at

    I did fine it interesting had better pictures.