Monday, October 20, 2014

Baubles Bugs and Blossoms

Hard to believe  it has been almost two years scents I have posted anything.
I have been tatting just have had a lot of yard work to get done. Had to have the last part of the driveway done and just finished cleaning up around it now need to add some more dirt along the edges.
Here are most of the Baubles, Bugs  and Blossoms I did from The Shuttle Brothers book. I know I will do some of then again. Now if they would just do another book to keep me busy  this winter. I do have a lot of tatting books sometimes I just need a change for something different.
 I had just the mice laid out to take a picture then I picked up my great grandson from school and when I came in later to take a picture he had  got the others out and rearranged  them all again.
So just took the picture as it was or I would of never  gotten it done. He also decided he want the bee and wooly worm.

The story behind the black one is when I went to pull weed out of the flower beds this spring I have a Gnome  in one when I picked it up a black mouse had been using it for a place to live. It is now on the concrete and going to stay there.
Hope everyone has a great week.