Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No tatting to show

I have been tatting but have not had time to take and get it pressed or scaned. Dh has been going to get chemo every day so I do a lot of driving. Now I do all of the work inside and outside. I did get the yard mowed again this morning, now it looks like it is going to rain. Flower beds were weeded last week anf looks like it is time to start pulling weeds again. Garden is in. Now I need to spray for weeds along the fance. Going to try and get some tatting posted this week. Just half to get time to get to the basement and block and press it.Hope everyone is having a nice spring.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Nicki Lee's Raviolee Dreams is having a giveaway.

Hope to post more latter. DH has been told he has stage 4 liver cancer. And just started Chemo( not sure if that is spelled right).last week. So I am doing a lot of driving.

Have been tatting just don't have time to take pic. or scan right now.

Hope everyone has a great week. Hope to post some tatting this weekend.