Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katherinne McKay giveaway that I won,

I won one of Katherinne McKay giveaways. Love the HDT colors of the thread. Be great for a fall leaves in. The card is GREAT and I love it. What a extra surprise to receive.

None of these have been blocked or stiffened half to wait till it warms up here or out crazy cat will pull out the pens and have them all over the house.

Three of the butterflies are from Sherry Pence's new book The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies 2. Lilly in Sherry HDT Enchantment and some DMC thread for the body. Tatted Butterfly from Sherry blog done in DMC thread. Beryl From her new book it is tatted in size 20 HDT Orchid Garden by Zarina. Then there is Hope done in DMC thread. Sherry's Curly Q done in DMC thread.

The snow is melting. But it is melting to fast only because it may cause some flooding if the ice jams break up to fast. Hay Jane I can see grass. :-)


  1. Grass, eh? Well Spring must be on the way!!! Can't wait for my thread to arrive - I won some too. I'm just about to settle down to using the Lizbeth samples that Sue Anna sent me. Yummy, yummy. This is from a slowly converted HDT grump to an HDT addict!!!!!

  2. Hi Jane YES Grass and some of it is even green. Yes HDt thread is great. I have a ton of it. It is just trying to make up my mind what to tat with it. Hope you get your soon.

  3. Love the color of thread, this will be great for fall leaves. And the oriental oragami card Katherinne made is beautiful!!

    So many pretty butterflies, they need some flowers to land on.

  4. Carol I am getting ready to do some flowers and soon as I finish Masry Konior's Patchwork I am doing nine of the square's I have four more to finish. Yes the Oriental Oragami card in beautiful.