Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots of Snow

No tatting for now but we do have lots and lots of snow. This is from the front deck. I know there is a street out there. It is still snowing and starting to blow it all around. Nothing much is moving here. No bus's, cabs. a lot of business are shut down.
Here is what it look like from our front deck this is out driveway. So you know what I am going to be doing later tonight after it quits snowing. The fence is 4 ft. high so going to take a while to move all of the snow. Since he had surgery (hope that is spelled right) he cannot help with it. I am afred he will rip out his stichs.
I hope everyone else who lives in the rest of Iowa and anywhere else who is getting this snow storm is doing ok.
I do have a question. I brought a tatting book in the middle of Nov. which has never arrived. I have e-mailed her twice about it and have not heard back from her. Should I e-mail her again, before I contact paypal about getting it resolved?
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas


  1. Two emails without replies is sufficient to claim. As you have emailed twice and she has not responded, contact Paypal. Make sure you include attachments of the emails you sent her, so Paypal's investigative team can see you did make an effort.

  2. Thanks I guess that is what I am going to half to do.

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  4. Gosh that is a lotta snow. Yup i guess you should try to get it resolved if she doesn't reply.

  5. Sherry I was shock when I read it. I never win anything. Thanks for letting me know.

    Tatslool Yes it was a lot of snow and it is still aroung. Last night and this morning we got just enough rain to make things a little slick.
    I did finley got the book so it is all taken care of.