Friday, July 24, 2009

I didn't think it had been this long since I posted. Greatgrand son here most of the time while Mom is at work and taking collage class at night. Here is what I have been doing.
I did Jon Yusoff Magic Moment Snowflake in Pamela (Tatskool's) CocoRaspberry size 20. I had some thread left so did one of the three color triangle for the Shuttle Brothers book Self Closing Mock Ring.

The Butterfly and Heart is made with Pamela Myers (Tatskool's) Rasberry and Chocolate mousse size 20 . The heart is Mother's Day Heart Jon Yusoff. this was my first time doing the Daisy Picot.

The Butterfly I cannot fine the sheet that tells me who did the pattern. So if anyone know please leave a note and let me know.

The Ruffled Heart pattern by Vicki Clarke I used Marille's (Yarnplayertats) Peace size 20 thread.

August Birthday Flower by Jon Yusoff from the online tatting class Size 20 Lizabeth thread.
Onion Ring Butterfly by Hope Green size 20 thread.

Two tomato and a carrot from Tatting Lace book. just using up thread so I would have some empty shuttles size 20 thread.

Small Bird and snail by Sarver Morgan I used Marille's (Yarnplayertats) Peace size 20 thread.

Spring Basket on paper clip by Ellen Lai size 20 thread. The three hearts and two butterflies ( I think the butterflies are from the same book) are from a old Better Homes and Gardens Creative Ideas. The two Flowerflies pattern is by Wally Sosa Size 20 thread. The one heart with beads I am not sure where I got it at.


  1. Lots of pretty pieces! You have been busy!

  2. They are all very very pretty. It does look like you have been busy!

  3. Beautifull tatting items
    this is art,i admire people who creating awesome tatting things.
    im starting to do something.
    happy day

  4. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comment. Better get back out side and pull some more weeds our of the flower beds, never ends.

  5. Wow! Love what you made with my threads, I am making Magic Moment too, but haven't tried that colourway.
    All your tatting is lovely.

  6. Tatskool I love the way it turned out using your Rasberry and Chocolate mousse.